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Best Abroad Universities for Masters in IoT

Best Abroad Universities for Masters in IoT

26 October 2021
Best Abroad Universities for Masters in IoT
26 October 2021

Masters in the Internet of Things is a very popular course that aims to train high-level professionals in the development, design, and deployment of distributed and mobile solutions that integrate connected objects. The Internet of Things is a domain with more than 20% per year potential of growth.

Technically speaking IoT is at the intersection of cloud computing, networks, mobile development, embedded distributed computing, and big data. Here are the best abroad universities for masters in IoT.

University Of Alcalá

The University of Alcalaá is located in Madrid, Spain. It aims to offer an intense IoT master’s program. The program covers an extensive range of topics, such as network development, hardware designing, Big Data analytics, and device development. The Masters in IoT course offered by the University of Alcalaá provides the skills required to face digital challenges.

Students enrolled in the program will be required to take classes in various domains like telemetry protocols, IoT cloud development, emerging technologies,  industry 4.0, and secure programming. This course prepares students for prospective jobs in a continually dynamic world led by technology.

Florida International University

Florida International University is the first in the U.S. that offers a bachelor’s in IoT. This 120 credit hours course is offered both online and on-campus. It offers a comprehensive education that specializes in software, hardware, cybersecurity, and communication.

Florida International University focuses on technology with its IoT course and helps you expand your digital knowledge extensively.

Royal Holloway, University Of London

The master’s program at Royal Holloway provides you with all the skills you need to turn into an expert in computer science and specifically IoT.

The course equips students with exceptional knowledge in cyber security, data analytics techniques, and methodological and technical aspects of networked and distributed systems.

University Of Salamanca

Master’s in IoT at the University of Salamanca aims to help its students adapt to the present and future challenges of the field. It offers you a great skill set to help you function well in positions at various multidisciplinary teams in the domain.

The master’s program is focused on primarily home automation and also includes courses on device programming, big data analytics, and sensor programming.

The University Of The West Of Scotland

The University of West Scotland provides one of the most advanced courses on IoT. It includes subjects like object-oriented analysts, visualization, data mining, and ethics. This course also offers advanced IoT technologies and wireless networking.

 Waterford Institute Of Technology

Established in Ireland, the Waterford Institute of Technology offers an honors bachelor’s course in Applied Computing or particularly IoT. These programs help you in programming the next generation of connected devices.

It enables you in exploring innovative hardware and software with practical, hands-on courses. Students enrolled in the course work on projects throughout their education to gain the skills that actually apply in the real world instead of focusing on theoretical knowledge.

Malmo University

The IoT master’s program at Malmo University offers you the opportunity to widen your technical knowledge and helps you open many doors for your career.

It concentrates on various domains where IoT is being used to revolutionize traditional systems such as learning, transportation, energy, smart cities, health among others. Research areas for this program include IoT engineering, self-adapted systems, systems of systems, and cyber-physical systems.

University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers a certification course in IoT. This program is based primarily on machine learning and AI and concentrates on creating a new kind of engineers who are problem solvers and innovators.

With this course, Oxford strives to help you gain the essential templates and problem-solving skills and help you begin a bright, new career in technology.

Stanford University

As in Oxford, the prestigious Stanford University offers a certification course in IoT instead of a specialized degree. In this program, you get to choose among up to fifteen different short courses to help you tailor your certification as per your career goals and interests.

The coursework focuses on integrated and analog circuit design, AI systems, network security, medical engineering, and biochips. This course is being offered both on-campus and online, to help you in completing the program at your own pace from the comfort of your home.


Getting a Master’s degree in the Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising investment in your education. IoT is rapidly turning into the answer for a lot of ongoing revolutions in applications and usage of ubiquitous sensors, wearables, mobile devices, smart devices, and automation among others.

IoT is among the quickly emerging domains in technology and focuses on things like specialized hardware and deploying new networks that are very relevant to the current digital scenario. Getting a master’s degree in IoT can help you achieve the skills you need to accelerate your career in technology.

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Landmark Immigration and Consultancy evolved with the vision to empower the aspiring youth of India to position themselves successfully in the global landscape.

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